Let’s Get Everyone Thinking About Taxes

By United Way of King County, on January 7, 2015 | In Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

United Way’s Free Tax Prep Campaign helps families keep more of what they work hard for. The simple, wonderful truth is that if you make less than $60,000, we can help with your taxes. For free.

Think free is the best? Then help us spread the word. Share the video here. Or snag the photo above. Then post it with this language on your company’s intranet or in the next internal newsletter:

Make it rain tax refund money! United Way’s Free Tax Prep Campaign helps hard-working people keep more of what they earn.

Free tax help is available for households making less than $60,000. It’s all over King County at 25 sites, at convenient times and in multiple languages. Know someone who could use this help? Everything they need to know to plug in is atuwkc.org/taxhelp.

Last year volunteers prepped 17,450 tax returns. This sent $24 million in refunds back into our community. Here are more details on why we’re lovin’ on tax season.

None of it would have been possible without the generous sponsor companies: The Boeing Company, Bank of America, the City of Seattle, Microsoft and a super handful of others.

Their support of the Free Tax Prep Campaign doesn’t stop at writing a check though. Sponsors also send throngs of employees to the sites as volunteers. That’s truly putting money where their values are. Or, rather, valuable people where their money is.

Now, get sharing and send your friends and neighbors to uwkc.org/taxhelp.

Thanks to all our sponsors for spreading the love of free with the Free Tax Prep Campaign:



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