Emerging Leaders: A force for change in Seattle

By United Way of King County, on May 12, 2017 | In Emerging Leaders 365

We’ve seen the tents. We’ve heard of the homelessness crisis in our community. It’s now time for us to do something about it.

Last week, more than 200 United Way Emerging Leaders gathered at the Gates Foundation Visitor Center for a unique event around taking action against homelessness.

Emerging LeadersWith a fun Star Wars theme (May the 4th be with you), the rooms were buzzing with activities around the issue. From signing up for upcoming Emerging Leader volunteering projects to taking a social stand at the event photobooth to making a donation to support work being done around the issue… there was an activity for everyone.

We also had a few of United Way and Gates Foundation’s nonprofit partners including Mary’s Place, YouthCare, All Home, Mockingbird Society, and YMCA there, for attendees to learn more about how we are getting people off the streets and into stable housing.

HHH3HHH4David Wertheimer talked about the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s work in supporting family homelessness in our community and their metrics-driven approach to helping solve the issue. Lauren McGowan shared details about United Way of King County’s various programs like Streets to Home that help make homelessness rare, brief and one-time. We also heard from Angel Gardner, Seattle Youth Poet Laureate, about her experiences when faced with homelessness.

Learn more about United Way’s work around ending homelessness and be sure to sign up for our Emerging Leaders group for young professionals to join us for our upcoming events.




May 24, 2017

Yes,firstable i would like to give thanks for the peoples who make this ideas to bring up lives because everyday when u going outside and you see all types of peoples hang outside no matter what weather we have and still we can't doing something about to these peoples lives really it's kinda to shame to us sometime we can't offer them help they need so now its time to make its act really help for these who need the most of our help u know what ever these ppls life bring them outside it's time to build they life not to destroy their life these ppls really need some help together inside of American we are one families we care for these who need the most special women's kid and of course mens too no one leave behind
Thanks again

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All comments are approved before they are posted to the site.