BBQ & A: Dance, Dance, Dance!

By United Way of King County, on June 15, 2022 | In Events

Are you ready to emerge from the two-year COVID cocoon and have some fun? Get ready for a major event to kick off the summer of 2022: United Way of King County’s first Annual Community BBQ with Doug Baldwin! The event will be held rain or shine on June 18 at Renton Memorial Stadium from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. We’ve designed an outing for all ages that feature tasty food, good music, family -friendly games and fun-filled surprises. The Annual Community BBQ offers a chance to gather with friends and make new ones. There’ll be something for everyone to enjoy!

Dozens of food vendors, performers, educators and entertainers have signed on to help make the BBQ a success. Here’s one: The Renton High School Black Student Union (BSU) Dance Team, which competes in high school dance competitions throughout the Seattle area. We sat down with members of the dance team, including BSU president Priscilla Hagan and BSU advisor Lisa Moore Roberson to talk about the popular young adult troupe.

United Way: When and why did the BSU Dance Team form? Who founded it?

Priscilla Hagan: Black Student Union was formed to create an inclusive and safe environment for Black students, all while encouraging student growth, leadership and asserting dignity amongst our community. BSU was created and formed long before I arrived here at Renton, but I believe it was 2016. 

United Way: How many current members does the BSU Dance Team have? Do all of them perform in each show or are there separate groups of dance teams?

Priscilla Hagan:  The members on the dance team varies depending on availability for each performance, but we currently have about 7-8 consistent dance members. 

United Way: What are the criteria for becoming a member of the dance team? How long can a student be a Dance Team member?

Priscilla Hagan: A student can commit to the dance team all the way until they graduate. I have been a part of the dance team since I was freshman, but many members have other factors that may limit their time on the dance team. As long as you maintain good grades and prove to the officers that you are putting your all into performances/routines, you can join! 

United Way: What does the Dance Team’s leadership role entail?

Priscilla Hagan: I am the current president of BSU, and my role consists of congregating the whole club for meetings, events, et cetera. I also set agendas for all the meetings, act as the BSU representative, and overall oversee the organization and make sure everything is running as it should. 

Lisa Moore Roberson: This is my first year as the BSU advisor. My role is to assist and advise them on matters of the BSU Club.

United Way: What are some places where the Dance Team has performed?

Members of the Renton High School Black Student Union Dance Team perform at Renton High with the school’s K-Pop Dance Team recently.

Priscilla Hagan: We have performed at numerous events around the Seattle area including “Bubblin Brown Sugar” at Garfield High School, “Southside Showdown Showcase” at Franklin High School, “Fedfusion Dance Showcase” at Federal Way High School, and many more!


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