Until You’ve Had C. Davis Texas BBQ …

By United Way of King County, on August 8, 2023 | In Events, News

How would you best describe C. Davis Texas BBQ, one of the vendors at United Way of King County’s Second Annual Community BBQ with Doug Baldwin Jr. this Saturday at Renton Memorial Stadium?

Words that come to mind are that of former Houston Oilers coach Bum Phillips when asked to describe his star running back and subsequent NFL Hall of Famer Earl Campbell:

“He might not be in a class by himself, but whatever class he’s in, it doesn’t take long to call the roll.”

Indeed, write C. Davis Texas BBQ on the short list of some of the best local barbecues in the Pacific Northwest. Known for its succulent smoked brisket and waffle fries, C. Davis BBQ and its owner C. Davis have become synonymous with its green and blue hauler at Seahawks games. It was there that the company’s name generated a regionwide following, and Davis says as a result he recently signed a lifetime contract to serve food at Seahawks games.

At last year’s First Annual Community BBQ, the line for C. Davis Texas BBQ was one of the busiest of the day, and he says he’s eager for this year’s repeat performance. United Way recently caught up with C. Davis (pictured above with his son) to talk about last year’s experience and all things new with his barbecue.

United Way of King County: What was the first Annual Community BBQ experience like for you?

C. Davis: It was a great turnout, great people, just a great atmosphere. Just being a part of an event that’s bigger than myself, I really appreciate what Doug Baldwin Jr. does for the community and partnering with [United Way] to make it a successful event.

United Way of King County: About how much food did you serve that day?

C. Davis: It was a little bit over 500 orders.

United Way of King County: How did that experience compare with your other outings, such as Seahawks games?

C. Davis: It’s the same atmosphere, great feelings, good people, good vibes—a very exciting environment to be in.

C. Davis served up more than 500 orders of his delicious BBQ last year.

United Way of King County: What’s been going on with C. Davis BBQ since then? What are some additions we should expect this year? What’s new?

C. Davis: A lot of good things. I just recently signed a lifetime contract with the Seahawks. And I’m also working on a small restaurant, trying to get it open by next February. We’re in the planning stages of it right now. We’re just leveling up and taking on new clients as well.

I’m looking at several different locations for the restaurant. I’m trying to get information to see how much traffic would go through each [projected] location. I should have an answer in about three to four weeks.

United Way of King County: What will you be offering at this year’s BBQ? What can people expect that is similar to last year and perhaps different this year?

The C. Davis Texas BBQ truck has become a fixture at Seahawks games.

C. Davis: Similar to last year, our two popular items that everybody loved—the 22-hour smoked brisket over waffle fries and the 12-hour pulled pork over waffle fries. I tend to go with those because it’s a lot quicker to get out and easier, so people don’t have to stand in long lines—even though the lines I had were super long and it seemed like they never went down. But we actually got the plates out really quickly.

You can buy plates to the Annual Community BBQ for $10 and give a couple as well for others here: https://www.uwkc.org/events/annual-community-bbq/


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