United Way True or False Quiz: BBQ Edition

By United Way of King County, on July 26, 2023 | In Events, News

What do you know about BBQ (or barbecue, or barbeque) besides the fact that it’s good food? Did you know that it’s called “chuanr” in China, “braii” in South Africa, “grillen” in Germany and “kabob” in Iran?

As we at United Way of King County prepare for our second Annual Community BBQ with Seattle Seahawks legend Doug Baldwin Jr.—slated for Saturday, August 12 at Renton Memorial Stadium from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.—we’d like to test your BBQ trivia!

Please answer the following10 true-or-false BBQuestions. Answers are below the brisket platter.

  1. True or False: The word, barbecue originated from the indigenous Taíno people of the Caribbean.
  2. True or False: The most common meat for BBQ grilling is chicken.
  3. True or False: Worcestershire sauce is one of the base ingredients found in all BBQ sauces.
  4. True or False: The first BBQ grill was invented by George Foreman, just a few years after he retired from boxing for the first time.
  5. True or False: Many U.S. presidents are known for their BBQ, including Lyndon Baines Johnson.
  6. True or False: The most popular day for grilling in the U.S. is Labor Day.
  7. True or False: Many chefs and cooking aficionados believe that meat for BBQ should go from fridge to grill right away, allowing meat to be cooked at optimum freshness.
  8. True or False: Some activists were known for their BBQ, especially Black Panther Party co-founder Bobby Seale.
  9. True or False: Memphis is regarded as the home of the best BBQ in America.
  10. True or False: United Way of King County’s Annual Community BBQ is just $10 a plate.


1. True. According to Vocabulary.com, barbecue is derived from the word Taíno word, “barabicu,” which means a framework of sticks elevated on posts and used for various purposes.

2. False. Hamburgers and steaks are traditionally the most common BBQ meats.

3. False. Worcestershire is found in some but not all sauces. The base ingredients of barbecue sauce include tomato sauce or ketchup, vinegar, and some form of sweetener.

Hamburgers: one of the most popular BBQ meats.

4. False. George Stephen, a welder at Weber Brothers Metal Works in Illinois, created the first modern BBQ grill in 1952.

5. True. In fact, LBJ is credited for helping to popularize BBQ nationwide after hosting heads of state for cookouts in the White House backyard.

6. False. The most popular day for grilling in the U.S. is Fourth of July.

7. False. Many believe that once taken out of the fridge, meats should be allowed to rest at room temperature for a few minutes to prevent the meat from drying too quickly on the grill. Some even suggest allowing the meat to rest after cooking as well.

The modern BBQ grill was invented in 1952.

8. True. In fact, Seale wrote a book about his BBQ exploits, Barbeue’n with Bobby, and posted a BBQ sauce recipe on the AARP website.

9. False. Lawnstarter magazine voted Kansas City, Mo. as No. 1. Kansas City hosts an annual World Series of BBQ, the world’s largest BBQ competition, that hosts about 70,000 spectators.

Kansas City, Mo.: widely regarded as the nation’s BBQ capital.

10. True. We’re offering vegetarian, vegan, and halal options from local food vendors. For more, click here.


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