Wednesday, September 16

This day is all about using your voice. Here are some ways you can do that today!

Virtual Voting and Advocacy Speaker Series Panel Tonight

With the upcoming election fast approaching, join us for a panel discussion on why voting is crucial and what’s at stake.

Register to Vote and Help Others Register

If you don’t vote, you’re letting others decide who wins and what issues matter. Make sure your voice is heard and volunteer with Solid Ground to help get more people registered and ready to vote.

Advocate to Congress

Fill out this quick form to ask Congress to allow the Census Bureau to extend the deadline for completing the census to October 31st.

Find out who your representatives are and then follow them on social or sign up for their newsletters so you can learn more about what they’re doing (or not doing).


Each day of caring people shared how they got involved and tagged us using #DayofCaringKC. We picked our favorite post based on creativity, passion and fun. The person selected got $100 to a BIPOC-owned restaurant and the nonprofit they tagged got a $500 mini grant!

Congrats to our Advocacy Day winner, Serene Chen, for winning $100 to a BIPOC-owned restaurant, and to Para Los Niños for receiving a $500 mini grant!

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