Days of Caring Digital Toolkit

We’re so glad you’re joining us to reimagine the biggest volunteer event in the state.

Got a question? Want to spread the word on social media? We’ve pulled together info for you here.


What are the key dates?

  • August 14 – “Registration” for Days of Caring opens. Starting August 14, you can sign up to get Days of Caring email alerts and opportunities, including the daily emails during the week of Sept. 14-18.
  • September 14-18 – Days of Caring. Each day will have a theme and multiple ways you can volunteer, give back and work toward a more equitable community.

How is Days of Caring different this year?

This year, we’re reimagining the state’s largest volunteer event and expanding it to one week of mostly online-based opportunities—5 days, 5 ways to volunteer, give back and work toward a more equitable community. Each day will have multiple opportunities to connect online, challenge your thinking and make a difference.

Where can I get the most up-to-date Days of Caring info?

Who can volunteer for Days of Caring?

Anyone is welcome to participate!

I’ve been a Project Leader for years. What does this mean for engaging my team?

Days of Caring is still be a great opportunity to bring your coworkers together (virtually) to do good. You can sign up for a supply drive together, schedule a team check-in to debrief what you learn in an education session, host a friendly competition within your team to reach out to elected officials and use social networks to advocate for change… the possibilities are many and varied!

Are children welcome to participate in Days of Caring projects?

It is up to the organization hosting the Day of Caring project whether they accept volunteers under 18. Before the event, please check with the organization’s contact person for their policy on youth volunteers. For programming throughout the week, we invite you to use your best judgement as to what activities would be appropriate and engaging for your children.

Can I volunteer as an individual, or do I have to join a team?

You can volunteer as an individual or a team. If you are volunteering as an individual, you won’t have a team lead, so just make sure you have all the info you need from the organization hosting the project. Also, note that if you are volunteering as a part of a team you may be volunteering with other groups or individuals. If you want to ensure that you are volunteering as a part of a private project with just your group, please reach out to

Social Media Sample Posts

If your team or people from your company are participating in Days of Caring, by all means spread the love and share out the amazing work you’re doing on social media. Feel free to riff off the below suggestions—it’s especially great if you post about the specific project and number of volunteers involved.


Our people are amazing! Many volunteered and made a difference in our community with @UnitedWayKC today. #DayOfCaringKC


We’re so proud of our amazing people who volunteered and made a difference in our community with @UnitedWayKC today. #DayOfCaringKC


We’re so proud of our amazing people! Today, many of us volunteered through @UnitedWayKC and made a difference in our community as part of Days of Caring 2020. #DayOfCaringKC