Before Next Year Starts, Be Generous

By United Way of King County, on December 3, 2019 | In Fighting Homelessness, News, Volunteering

You’re probably privy to the holidays being prime time for volunteerism and charitable giving. People want to spread that holiday cheer.

For a couple of fairly obvious reasons, here at United Way of King County we love the spike in generosity this time of year. And like most other nonprofit organizations, we want that giving spirit to last. All. Year. Long.

With your help, it can.

Why Generosity Started Nov. 14 For Us

Back on Nov. 14, we kicked off a great time of being generous. Eat, Drink & Be Generous fueled up guests for the popular philanthropic season that is the holidays. This event also showed guests how getting involved can make a difference for others AND for ourselves.

Check out what all happened on stage at this fabulous event that raised $500K for United Way’s community programs.

November happens to be when the City of Seattle declared a state of emergency for the homelessness crisis…four big ol’ years ago.

Homeless count includes people who are in shelters and on the streets.

November is also when the weather turns from regular gloomy to dang cold and gloomy. Our thoughts naturally turn toward homelessness. The hardness of it. The injustice.

Many people take those thoughts and donate to a homelessness-fighting organization or volunteer along those same lines.

What Action Will You Take?

Right now, with November behind us, our thoughts on holiday gifts and plans, we invite you to be generous. Make that the theme of your New Year’s resolutions.

Be generous because of the benefits of helping others (yay, science!).

Be generous because others, especially kids, need to see how helping others can transform a community. Take a look at how to talk homelessness with the children in your life.

Be generous because this community needs your help to fight homelessness and win.


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