Stand Against Homelessness

By United Way of King County, on November 2, 2017 | In Fighting Homelessness

We all know someone who’s experiencing homelessness. Someone who’s outside your office building at lunch. Maybe you see them in passing every Sunday at the farmers’ market. Or maybe, like me, there is a person experiencing homelessness in your Buy-Nothing Facebook group. Given the state of King County’s homeless emergency, you might know several people without stable housing.

How often do you say hello? Every day? Never? Do you avoid eye contact? Either way, you always notice when the local Real Change vendor is missing from their usual post, right?

Do you know their name?

November is Homelessness Awareness Month and we’re inviting you to renew your engagement with your homeless neighbors. With the people who you know, but don’t know.

Their names are Tom. And Brittney. They’re people like Nikita. And Justin. And Marissa.

Learn their names, their stories. Buy that Real Change. Get out and volunteer to help more people. Donate and help even more.

Is knowing people’s names enough to end homelessness? No. But we can’t solve the problem without a bit of empathy. This month, we plan to introduce you to some people who have struggled with homelessness, educate you on the issue, share what’s working in our community and what’s not. We hope to hear from you – your questions, opinions and ideas.

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