The Community Resource Exchange takes the day

By United Way of King County, on March 10, 2017 | In Fighting Homelessness

It was a big day at Seattle’s CenturyLink Field. And YOU made it happen. Your support allowed for some amazing connections in the midst of the Seattle homeless crisis. Human ones. Heart ones. Needed ones. Thank you for volunteering!

Our Community Resource Exchange is a huge resource fair. You saw for yourself how huge. It’s a place to eat a meal while sitting in a chair instead of on the cold damp pavement. It’s the basics, and the basics are a big part of our work to end homelessness.

These AMAZING results are because of YOU!


People Served


Service Providers



This day was about our neighbors.
Our neighbors, who sleep in the tents we see on our daily commutes.
Our neighbors, who are the last to deboard the bus at night, because it’s cold outside.
Our neighbors, who are waiting in line 2 blocks long for dinner
These neighbors. They are welcomed to the Community Resource Exchange with hot coffee, a hot meal, and a warm welcome full of applause.

Because they’re human and they deserve it. That’s what the Community Resource Exchange is all about, thanks to you.

What we hear most at the Resource Exchange from our homeless guests:

It’s so nice to be seen. It’s so nice to make eye contact with another person.

And really, how many of us know what that isolation feels like? Occasional loneliness, sure. Self-worth-stripping, dignity-ignoring isolation? That’s the biggest thing the Resource Exchange combats.

To everyone who made it happen, donated items and offered services, a huge thank-you for your generosity! And a special shoutout to Starbucks volunteers for making so much of the Community Resource Exchange possible.

Keep checking our Facebook album for updates from the day!


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