Fighting Homelessness

The 2020 Point-in-Time count showed 11,751 people experiencing homelessness in King County. That was before the pandemic hit.

The homelessness crisis that existed before COVID-19 will only get worse as people struggle to gain or maintain stable employment. More workers will be left behind as they fight to make ends meet.

Further, in King County, people of color make up around only 33% of the general population, but 52% of individuals experiencing homelessness self-identified as people of color in the Point-in-Time count. Structural racism drives this inequity. 

To counteract that inequity and fight the root causes of homelessness, we focus on, and invest in, partnering with organizations and service providers who address racial disparities and equity gaps as they support people experiencing homelessness.

A mother smiles, with her two young children sitting in her lap at a playground.

Home Base

Housing security for those in need during the COVID-19 crisis.

Justin, a jobs connect participant, is shown smiling standing with an orange reflective jacket, holding a rake in one hand and standing in front of a garbage bin while at work.

Jobs Connect

Setting people on a path of upward mobility through employment.

Elderly person smiles at camera wearing a black hat and jacket.

Streets to Home

Getting people back into housing—quickly.