Streets to Home

Streets to Home Connects People to the Resources They Need to Be Housed Again.

We know that the sooner people move off the streets, the less likely they are to fall back into homelessness. Streets to Home is an individual approach; outreach workers assess each individual’s situation and have discretionary dollars to help people get back on their feet.

How It Works

We work with outreach workers from homeless and mental health organizations — including Chief Seattle ClubCompass Housing AllianceDESCUrban League of Metro Seattle and Valley Cities — to connect with people who are living on the streets.

Success to Date

Since launching the pilot program, we’ve helped thousands of people move off the streets. The solutions have been as varied as the individuals themselves, but include:

  • Securing an apartment. We’ve helped dozens of clients like Ariel and Nikita with security deposits to secure a stable apartment. One woman had an eviction on her record and we were able to help her navigate finding a landlord to rent to her.
    Reuniting with family. One dad moved here from Alabama to be with his sick daughter. When her health took a turn for the worse – and housing costs here were much higher than he anticipated – he needed some financial support to be reunited with family in his home state. When people need help reconnecting with family and support, our partners work with the family to ensure the situation they’re moving to is, in fact, stable.

    Recovering from a medical emergency. Medical emergencies are an all too common cause of homelessness. We helped a veteran, diagnosed with terminal cancer and living on the streets in the University District, move to a motel and start hospice services while waiting for permanent housing.

Our Goal

Reduce Number of Unsheltered by 50%

With the expansion of the program, our goal is to move at least 2,000 people into housing with Streets to Home between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019.

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