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As a nonprofit, you’re a central partner of United Way in working for community change. We support nonprofits’ work with resources including volunteers, advocacy and—where strategies align—funding.

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We’re proud to partner with more than 100 service providers to address community challenges and deliver vital services throughout King County. We periodically solicit competitive applications for funding.

Summer 2016 Opportunities

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Services for Vulnerable Older Adults (August 22, 2016)

Applications open June 15 and due August 22, 2016
For more information, contact Carolyn Cunningham, Community Impact Manager,, 206.461.3656.
Download the full funding announcement

Keeping Youth Connected - Dropout Prevention (August 22, 2016)

Applications open June 15 and due August 22, 2016
Amount: $3.2 million
Funding for dropout prevention includes:

  • Acculturation activities
  • After/out of school activities
  • Barrier reduction

For more information, contact Greg Garcia, Community Impact Manager,, 206.461.5056.

Download the full funding announcement

Services for Chronically Homeless Individuals (October 6, 2016)

Applications open September 14 and due October 6, 2016
Funding is open to chronically homeless single individuals 25 and over.

For more information, contact Wayne Wilson, Community Impact Manager,, 206.461.5001.

Download the full funding announcement

Future Opportunities

Homeless Assistance Services (Winter 2016-2017)

This includes: Emergency shelter and transitional housing. The application process is planned for 2016/2017. Timeframe is yet to be determined

For more information, contact Wayne Wilson, Community Impact Manager,, 206.461.5001.

New Solutions (March 2017)

Amount: $353,415

The purpose of United Way of King County’s New Solutions grants is to be a catalyst for new ideas that offer innovative and promising solutions for underserved communities. Funds are intended to jumpstart projects that have the potential to get traction, leverage new resources and attract other funding.

For more information, contact Alice Park, Community Impact Manager,, 206.461.3754 or Marlo Klein, Community Services,, 206.461.5082.

Building Financial Stability (January 2017)

Funding for poverty reduction strategies may be opened for competition in January 2017.

For more information, contact Yuri Kim, Community Impact Manager,, 206.461.5048.

Early Learning (January 2017)

Investments in population-focused strategy may be available in January 2017.

For more information, contact Hannah Locke, Early Learning Impact Manager,, 206.461.5021.

Who Can Apply?

To be eligible for funding by United Way of King County, agencies must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • Agency is an IRS certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
  • Agency provides health or human services in King County, Washington, USA
  • Agency does not engage in discrimination based on age, gender, race, sexual orientation, national origin, religion or presence of a disability in the delivery of services
  • Agency will comply with all United Way contractual obligations including: outcome and client demographic reporting, submission of our grantee financial reporting requirements, have an up-to-date listing with the 2-1-1 system and any other requirements that are identified

To learn more about becoming a funded agency, email



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