Don’t Stop Believing…In Youth: Reconnecting Youth

By United Way of King County, on December 14, 2015 | In Helping Students Graduate

Delaney’s mom and brother had both spent time in jail. When Delaney was 16, the challenges and workload that most high school students face took a backseat to taking care of her younger siblings.

Delaney, as an at-risk youth, knew she wanted more stability—and that education was the key. She left high school in 10th grade, but didn’t want the title of “drop-out.” (Who does?) She was determined to somehow continue her education. And your support laid the path via our Reconnecting Youth program.

She heard about Reconnecting Youth from her cousin and came to an info session on her own to learn more. She liked what she heard. Individual instruction. Help completing high school. Help navigating the college application process. She signed up that night to start classes.

Why Reconnecting Youth? Hear from Dr. Ben Danielson, Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic medical director

With support from her case manager, Delaney completed her GED in two months. She then landed a paid internship and started applying what she had learned.

And now? Thanks to your support, she’s looking forward to starting college next fall.

The individual support is what makes kids stick with the program, says Delaney. They have a group of people here to help you and they’re all on your team.

In King County there are 15,000 young people like Delaney just waiting for a bit of support and positive encouragement. Donors like you make that happen.

Keep it up. Here are 100 ways to put “helping youth” at the top of your New Year’s resolution list.

Find out more about Delaney and her successes.


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