Success Story in Early Learning: Sammy

By United Way of King County, on January 4, 2016 | In Helping Students Graduate, Success Stories

My name is Sammy, and here’s my story of getting on track for school.

When I was two years old, my mom was worried about me. I was really shy and didn’t talk much, even at home with my family. She thought there might be a problem with my brain.

Then my mom found out about United Way’s Parent-Child Home Program. A really nice lady named Saadia started coming to our house with books and toys. She showed my mom how to use them to help my brain grow. I set up my own school in my closet, and I was so proud to be learning just like my big brothers and sisters.

It turns out I’m not shy at all. I’m in 6th grade this year, and I’m doing great. I’m going to be a computer programmer when I grow up.

Because of nice people giving to United Way of King County, more kids were ready and excited to start school this year. United Way has a goal of giving kids an equal chance.

But lots more kids are not ready.

See there’s this thing called the opportunity gap. It means that 3 out of 4 low-income kids in Washington are already behind the other kids when they start kindergarten. A lot of them don’t know their ABCs. Or their colors. Or how to sit still and sing a song.

It’s not because they’re not smart. It’s just that things are harder for their families. I was lucky. I had help jumping over the opportunity gap. School’s sometimes hard but I know it’s important for my future.



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