Success Story: Amira and Hanan

By United Way of King County, on September 24, 2015 | In Helping Students Graduate, Success Stories

From concerned about development to ‘Wow!’

Amira brought her family to Seattle from war-torn Somalia and was worried about her children adjusting to their new, exciting environment. Her two-year old daughter Hanan hadn’t started talking and her doctor had expressed concern about her development.  Hanan was reserved and not showing interest in playing with others, even her siblings. Amira had been thrust into a low-income situation and English was her second language. Not just the neighborhood was new; the school system, the medical system, etc. was literally foreign.

After just four weeks of having a home visitor meet with Hanan and Amira, little Hanan was bringing the books to mom to read and often telling her own story as mom turned the pages. The Parent-Child Home Program helped bring Hanan up to speed with her peers.

Hanan completed the two-year program and her kindergarten teacher could not stop saying ‘Wow!’ on Hanan’s first day. She was able to read, knew her shapes and colors and was sharing and playing well with the other kids.

“This program was the window of encouragement that I needed”, reflected Amira. “We are so thankful for this help as we start our new life here. I want Hanan to become a doctor so she can help others and I know she’s off to a great start”.



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