Top 5 post-holiday books for generous kids

By United Way of King County, on January 12, 2015 | In Helping Students Graduate

We were with our two nieces over the holidays and, no surprise, they were fired up to celebrate.

But here’s what surprises us year after year: their favorite part of the gift exchange is still watching us open the gifts they’ve given us. Since they were little, they both have insisted that we all open the gifts they’ve made for us before they even think about opening gifts we got for them. They get downright giddy watching us unwrap.

Now at 13 and 8, the gifts they give us have evolved from finger painted pottery to framed art to, this year, knitted hats and scarves. But the ‘you open first’ feeling hasn’t changed a bit. It’s impressive in this day and when a lot of kids are more into what’s in it for them. This is a real tribute to their parents.

As a Volunteer Reader, these are some of my favorite books that I think help kids early on, get that same spirit of generosity and thanks. They’re great reads year-round and I highly recommend them!

Bear Says Thanks. The rhyming of this makes this a fun read and great for young kids (3-6). Bear’s friends come together to help him in a way that’s endearing and shows just how much they care about him.

Mine-o-saur. It’s tough to find a picture book about sharing that appeals to the kids as much as the adults! This one does a great job – it makes it fun, has good rhythm and who doesn’t love dinosaurs?! (best for 4-7)

Those Shoes. This one is all about empathy. No one can blame Jeremy for wanting the same kind of shoes that all the other kids are wearing. Yet, even when Jeremy wants so much, he ends up being incredibly giving. It’s witty with fun illustrations (4 – 7).

I’m Thankful Each Day. A timeless classic for young kids. Great illustrations that make it a real page turner. And maybe it’ll inspire some parents out there – this best-selling author wrote his first children’s book 40 years ago when his wife asked him to make a book about Christmas for his two young children. It was clearly a hit!

Hey, Thanks! A thank you card kit for kids. So, this one isn’t really a book, but it’s a great reminder that thanking can be fun – and creative. This kit has great stickers and ideas for pouring on the gratitude!

What are your favorites? Do you think reading these kinds of books to kids actually influence their behavior?


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