Helping Students Graduate

It’s time to change the game. Zip code and income will no longer define success in school. Every child deserves an equal chance from the start—and as many as they need—to succeed in school and graduate.

We fight alongside low-income parents to make sure their toddlers succeed out-of-the-blocks in kindergarten, and we fight for young people getting back on track for graduation, college and a career.

Your dollars and United Way, prying open the doors of opportunity for all of our children.

Our Goals

80% of kids are ready for kindergarten

Engage 50% of disconnected youth

60% of youth of color in Reconnecting Youth programs gain college credits

Our Approach

Your donation helps kids get a strong start and supports young people who need help getting back on track. Last year we invested $15.2M in ensuring students graduate, connected thousands of volunteers who want to make a difference and helped make education a priority in Olympia.

Parent-Child Home Program Zaps the Gap

Children who’ve never worked a puzzle, played counting games or sung a nursery rhyme with caring adults enter kindergarten already behind the curve. In Washington, that’s three out of four low-income kids.

The Parent-Child Home Program supports families during the crucial early years of child development. Trained coaches bring educational books and toys to parents to help them become their child’s first and best teacher.

2017 Impact

Families Participating
0 %
Completion rate
Percentage points more likely to graduate

Reconnecting Youth

Today in King County, 14,000 young people ages 16-24 that dropped out have no viable job prospects. Many desperately want to complete their education, but how?

United Way connects young people with one-on-one mentorship and assistance with financial aid and admissions applications to complete high school and gain a stable career path. With your help, they can create the opportunities they deserve.

Impact to Date

Youth Earn High School Credential
$ 0 M+
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Early Intervention for Kids

Research shows that early diagnosis of developmental delays can reduce the intensity of help required later in a child’s life. And for some children, it can eliminate the need for special education.

We invest your dollars in programs that identify challenges early so families receive guidance and children get physical and language therapy right away. We also support special training for providers who screen for delays, so they can work better with parents and make appropriate referrals.

Code Breaker: Access to Quality Child Care

For young families experiencing homelessness, even applying for community resources can be overwhelming. Imagine taking your children to a job interview or DSHS, trying to focus when the kids have no books, toys or snacks—and it’s naptime.

United Way is getting rid of this obstacle. We’re investing in innovative change-makers like Childcare Solutions for Homeless Families. Their consistent, quality child care lets parents work on getting the help they need, while their kids get a safe place to nap, eat and make friends.