Helping Students Graduate

Education is a gateway out of poverty, but odds are often stacked against students—especially students of color—from the start.

We believe that income, ZIP code and race shouldn’t influence success in school. But right now, they do. We’re helping students graduate because we know that, for an individual or household, education is the best way to avoid or escape poverty.

United Way is working to break down barriers so that young people in the Seattle area can pursue both an education and their dreams.

A woman kneels down to hug a young child. The young child is wearing a backpack. Both are wearing masks during as safety precaution for the COVID-19 pandemic.


Helping children and families prepare for kindergarten—and long-term learning success.

Multi-cultural students

Racial Equity Coalition

Fostering love and liberation within our Communities.

A teen with long wavy hair looks at the camera wearing glasses and a cloth face mask as a precaution during the covid-19 pandemic.

Reconnecting Youth

Supporting young people as they finish high school and plan for the future.

A student sits at a table in a cafe. A plastic cup sits next to the teen. The teen wears a black hoodie and is looking down at a cell phone.

Bridge to Finish

Helping college students so they can focus on graduating.