Congrats to New Solutions Grantee Ethiopian Community in Seattle!

By United Way of King County, on March 2, 2016 | In News

We’re pleased to announce our New Solutions grantees. The funding for these agencies aims to expand or improve services for low-income residents, refugees, immigrants and communities of color. All 12 grantees have a distinct focus on grassroots community organizing. We’re so excited to share descriptions of these ambitious new projects here on our blog. Today we’re excited about
Ethiopian Community in Seattle’s Newcomer Homelessness Prevention Project.

The Newcomer Homelessness Prevention Project will support newly arrived immigrants from Ethiopia/East Africa who are at risk of becoming homeless or have recently become homeless. The program will test a new solution to the growing issue of homelessness within the refugee and immigrant community. It will focus attention on a particularly vulnerable subset of this population – immigrants who arrive in the U.S. through the Diversity Visa Lottery program. These immigrants are at high risk for homelessness because they are not eligible for any government support.


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