Champions Unite Against Childhood Homelessness

By United Way of King County, on June 9, 2017 | In Fighting Homelessness, News

Kids who are homeless are sick four times more often than kids who are housed. The stress they endure can alter brain chemistry and wreak havoc on their coping skills. They are twice as likely to need to repeat a grade.

This is not your typical cocktail event chatter.

Yet, this week, dozens of United Way supporters gathered to talk about the very important issue of how homelessness affects a child’s rapidly developing brain – and what it means for them long-term.

Cocktails & Community Conversations is a series of intimate events for United Way Champions and those interested in upping their involvement in our community. This group met at the Fremont Foundry and heard from United Way board member Dr. Ben Danielson of Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic about the devastating consequences of childhood homelessness.

They enjoyed tasty food from Ethan Stowell Restaurants, had a robust dialogue on the issue and gave generously to support kids who don’t have a place to call home.

‘My kids are definitely traumatized from the 8 months we spent living in our car and in shelters’.  

~ Charlotte, formerly homeless and current Housing Coordinator at Mary’s Place

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