Check out the Newest Partner in Helping Families Struggling with Homelessness

By United Way of King County, on August 19, 2019 | In Fighting Homelessness, News

When you’re struggling with homelessness, it can be difficult to navigate the different systems and to get around to the various providers as you look for help. Have a two- and four-year-old in tow? That makes things even more challenging.

In the last year, Family Resource Exchanges have connected more than 3,000 families to critical resources and services, including housing resources for more than 800 families.

These are families living in their car, staying in emergency shelter, couch surfing at a distant cousins. Regardless of where they slept last night, they are all working hard to make ends meet and provide for their family. 

The group that has made all of this happen—Starbucks, United Way of King County, Mary’s Place and Wellspring Family Services—welcomed University of Washington as their newest partner today.

“In just one year, we’ve seen real impact through the Family Resource Exchanges – it’s a model that’s working, but there’s still more to do,” said John Kelly, senior vice present of global public affairs and social impact at Starbucks. “We’re proud to have University of Washington, one of Starbucks long-standing partners, join the effort, and we encourage others in the business community to join as well.”

With donor support, United Way is working to meet the needs of hundreds of unsheltered families in our community – and we couldn’t do it without these types of partnership.

“The Family Resource Exchange is remarkable for the diversity of resources all being on location, at the same time, poised to help families,” said Walter Washington, senior director of housing services at Wellspring Family Services. “But we know it can be overwhelming for families, so we aim to personally help each family navigate successfully – and we see evidence that this extra attention is effective for lasting solutions.”

Next Up:

The next Family Resource Exchange will take place:
University of Washington Bothell campus
Wednesday, August 21
4 pm–7 pm

There will be services to help connect families to housing options, job opportunities, financial coaching, public benefits, legal expungement and special services for students experiencing homelessness.

Additional Family Resource Exchanges will take place at the University of Washington’s Seattle and Tacoma campuses, with dates to be announced.


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