Community Cocktails at Brimmer & Heeltap

By United Way of King County, on October 2, 2020 | In Covid-19, Eat, Drink & Be Generous, Emerging Leaders 365, Events, News, Racial Equity

This blog post was co-written by Emerging Leader 365 Donors and Committee Members, Andrea Gohlke and Nathalie Marte

Under the cover of a slight drizzle, cozy thermal heaters, and appropriate social distancing, the second in a series of Community and Cocktails events, kicked off at Brimmer and Heeltap. Owned by Seattle local and hospitality industry veteran Jen Doak, Brimmer and Heeltap has continued to innovate and pivot in the midst of the pandemic. This Ballard neighborhood gathering spot, shifted from an intimate indoor/outdoor space to  a neighborhood coffee shop, Red Arrow. Those who didn’t have a chance to attend should drop by for a latte during their next adventure to Ballard.

Campaign chair Ethan Stowell and 17 attendees braved the rain in their best face mask for some delicious cuisine, thoughtful cocktails and an informative discussion spearheaded by UWKC Food Security Program Manager, Sara Seelmeyer. Sara highlighted some of the key takeaways about  how United Way of King County is navigating and serving the community amidst the pandemic by launching an exciting new partnership with Door Dash. Together, UWKC and Door Dash have created a program allowing for safe delivery of essential items to 1,800 families with plans to scale their efforts and serve 3000 families over the next few weeks. Additionally, the Door Dash Program is available to undocumented workers directly impacted by COVID-19. There are many in the immigrant community who aren’t eligible or are highly discouraged from seeking federal aid and/or support, leading to food insecurity. Many essential workers are likely to be people of color, who live in multigenerational households, and this program is a way to make sure folks receive much needed food items straight to their door, at no cost thanks to Door Dash covering the delivery fee.

Emerging Leader 365 donor, Nathalie Marte also shared why she gives. In a season where many children are used to receiving meals from school and other supplemental programs, COVID-19 has put a halt on that. This has exacerbated food insecurity for families already impacted by job loss. She shared an anecdote about enjoying summers at a local pool every weekday in the summer and eating dinner at her favorite aunt’s house at least two times a week. Years later she found out that her family had no income in the summer months and so her parents saved for rent throughout the year, but money was tight in the summer and they depended on these federally funded food programs. Her sharing is just one example of how many Americans are impacted by food insecurity even when there isn’t a pandemic or economic downturn.

In the end, five new people became Emerging Leader 365 donors and one these new donors, Stephanie Krifka, won a gift card to Capitol Hill restaurant, Marjorie. If you’re interested in learning more about the Door Dash program, other ways in which UWKC is helping the community, or wish to give, click this link here. There will be more awesome opportunities to eat, drink, and be generous coming over the next few months and we hope to see you there!

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