Why Donate? One Emerging Leader Shares Her Story

By United Way of King County, on April 23, 2019 | In Emerging Leaders 365, News

Meet Dre Gohlke (above left), manager of inflight strategy at Alaska Airlines and member of United Way’s Emerging Leaders Committee.

Dre just raised A GRAND online for United Way.

Why’d she do it? To level up to Emerging Leaders 365 and make an even bigger impact on her community.

Raising $1,075 makes her the most successful Emerging Leaders 365 member fundraiser we’ve had to date! We talked with Dre to hear the secret to her success.

• How did you reach out for such successful crowdfunding?
I posted on Facebook initially and then also used Instagram, with plans to use them after each event I participate in. I’m also planning on an email blast showcasing that fundraising can be fun! I am working with a couple of organizations to team up opportunities such as a bootcamp [ed not: Dre’s hosting an exclusive Emerging Leaders sweat sesh at Barry’s Bootcamp this Saturday!] in a fun urban setting like a brewery and/or winery and also a local goat yoga place.

My goal is to make events like this a quarterly occurrences so that it’s not just a singular push, but a cadence where I can interact with the folks who are donating generously to a cause I am passionate about, and they also get a return (a workout, networking, maybe an adult beverage). Fundraising is new and a bit intimidating to me and I wanted to make sure I could engage my friends, family, co-workers and others in a meaningful way. I am also hoping attendees will look into company match and my organization will give based on the volunteers hours we put in. To be honest I am hopeful I can surpass this goal, in partnership with my friends and family.

• What makes you interested in fundraising for United Way? What issues are you passionate about fundraising for?
I love living in the heart urban environments. Right now, homelessness is an issue that, as residents, we can’t turn our back on.

I also think it’s incredibly important to help fund the tools that we can provide to eliminate hunger insecurities for school children. United Way aligned with issues that pull at my heartstrings. I appreciate the guiding principles of the organization and the amount of money raised that goes back into programming. Emerging Leaders seemed like a natural fit after recently living in San Francisco and knowing that I wanted to give of my time, resources and finances to the city I am proud to call home.

You can join in on Dre’s latest fundraiser—a workout at Barry’s Bootcamp—but you have to act fast! It’s April 27 and spots are filling up!


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