Are You a VIP in Seattle Generosity? You Are Now.

By United Way of King County, on September 4, 2017 | In News, Volunteering

Know that great feeling after you’ve met someone who inspires the heck out of you, right from the get-go? That’s a taste of Seattle generosity for you. And that’s what will happen at Night Out For Caring on Sept. 15. Join us!

Night Out For Caring gives you the chance to network with others who care as much as you do. Plus you’ll hear from local celebrities about how they give back to the community—and even take on Seattle Storm’s Sue Bird in free throws if you make it in the Hot Shot lounge.

What’s at Night Out For Caring:
  • Free food from Ethan Stowell Restaurants, Poquitos and Great State Burgers
  • Free beer and wine, Jack Daniels whiskey tasting
  • Sweet prizes and swag
  • #DayofCaringKC selfies on Safeco’s big screen, plus photo opps with Mariner Moose
  • Speed pitch, tailgate games and other ways to show off your competitive spirit
  • Hoops contest with Sue Bird (pending playoffs)—Hot Shots exclusive!
  • Signature cocktails from Jack Daniels—Hot Shots exclusive!
  • Swag bag on par with the Oscars (well, just about)—Hot Shots exclusive!

Be a Hot Shot of Seattle Generosity

Raise $200+ with us and we’ll get your name on the Hot Shot list. It’s so easy to share your fundraising page on social media for your peeps to support you. $200 will fly by, friend!

Night Out For Caring is the celebratory grand finale to Day & Night of Caring. So if you’ve been on the fence about getting involved in your community, this is a prime time to hop all the way over.

Join us at the party. Or better yet, get yourself in as a Hot Shot for the best way to experience Seattle generosity at it’s finest.


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