2015 Racial Disparity Report

By United Way of King County, on January 25, 2016 | In News

We recently published our 2015 racial disparity report, documenting 25 indicators of well-being in which people of color fare significantly worse than whites in King County. These indicators focus on our four goals: giving every child an equal chance to succeed, supporting youth, keeping families financially stable and making homelessness rare, brief and one time. The breadth and depth of racial disparities in our community is alarming. A few examples of the data contained in the report:

  • Median net wealth 2013: Whites: $142,000; people of color: $18,100
  • Educational attainment 2013: The percentage of American Indian/Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian/other Pacific Islander, Black/African American and Asian with less than a high school degree was more than twice the percent for whites.
  • School readiness 2015: Only one third of Hispanic/Latino and Pacific Islanders demonstrate characteristics for kindergarten readiness, compared with 53% of white children.
  • Opportunity Youth: In Washington State in 2013, 15% of American Indian/Alaska Native and 12% of Black/African American youth were not in school and not working. This is about twice the rate for whites (6%) and more than twice the rate for Asian/Pacific Islanders (5%). Rates are also higher for Hispanic/Latino, with 18% not in school and not working.
  • Food Security 2013: In King County, Hispanic/Latino populations experience food insecurity at higher rates than other populations. This trend prevails throughout the United States, with Hispanic/Latino populations experiencing disproportionate rates of food insecurity compared to white households.68
  • Homelessness 2014: People of color comprise approximately 27% of the general population in King County, yet, they represent 57% of people who are homeless.71

United Way of King County is committed to advancing racial equity through our grantmaking, public policy and volunteerism efforts. Please take a look at this Racial Disparity Data report. Feel free to share this information and join us in working to end racial disparities in King County.





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