Seattle Homeless Crisis: An Injustice You Can End

By United Way of King County, on December 18, 2018 | In Fighting Homelessness, News

Tonight, 2,802 people will sleep outside, in tents or in encampments. 3,372 more people will sleep in their cars. They are the “lucky” ones.

The Seattle homeless crisis, and homelessness everywhere, is an injustice.

It’s unjust because it impacts people of color at much higher rates than white people. This article on how credit scores are a factor in racial injustice will make your stomach hurt. And we all know credit can make or break it for getting an apartment or home.

And even if we lived in a world in which racism didn’t exist, homelessness would be an injustice simply because People. Deserve. Better.

We’re allowing a home to be a prize when it is a basic need and a human right.

Will you stand up with us?

The gentleman you see sleeping under an overpass every day on your commute? He’s not the reason for the Seattle homeless crisis. He’s someone’s son. Someone’s grandson.

He’s someone, a person with likes and dislikes and a favorite song and an opinion on politics and thoughts on how to improve the system keeping him down.

He’s someone regardless of his past, regardless of his mental health status—and especially regardless of his skin color.

If social justice is your thing, if human rights are your thing or if compassion is your thing, people facing homelessness right now need you. Let’s end this year by fighting injustice together.

With your donation, you will change someone’s life and set an example for those around you.

What’s It Cost To Bring 1 Person Out Of The Rain?

The average cost of moving someone off the streets and into permanent housing is less than $1,000 per person in our Streets to Home program. For many people, that covers a security deposit so they can move inside. It’s so simple.

Your gift means the difference between sleeping out in the rain and sleeping in a bed. Your gift means you are standing up against the injustice of homelessness. You are standing for people’s basic need of shelter.


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