United Way Announces Doug Baldwin Jr. Will Lead 2021-2022 Campaign

By United Way of King County, on September 29, 2021 | In News

We are really excited to announce that Doug Baldwin Jr. will lead the 2021-2022 campaign year as the organization continues to work toward a racially just community where all people have homes, students graduate and families are financially stable. 

Baldwin who says he leads by serving, takes the reigns of the fundraising effort from last years chair co-chairs Ethan Stowell and Steve Hooper, Jr. 

“I have always tried to find opportunities to serve in creative and empathic ways. I’ve been encouraged by United Way’s effort in supporting people most impacted by the challenges facing our communities,” Baldwin said, acknowledging the economic and social impacts brought on by the coronavirus, which disproportionately impacts communities of color. “I’m really excited to support United Way by bringing people and businesses together in an effort to build up our community so more people have the opportunity to flourish.”

 Things to Know About Doug Baldwin

  • He’s the recipient of the King County Martin Luther King Jr. Medal of Distinguished Service Award 
  • Committed to equity and building authentic partnership and communities where all people thrive
  • He’s an entrepreneur,  CEO of Ventrk and steward and principal of Vault 89 Ventures 
  • He’s a Super Bowl Champion who led the Seahawks in receptions in Super Bowl XLVIII

“United Way was already on the ground working on big issues like helping people secure housing, combating food insecurity and addressing the lack of educational opportunity for students of color. They’ve been able to provide critical support, quickly, where it is needed most,” said Baldwin.  “I am personally excited about how United Way has supported community and technical college students overcome challenges to stay in school and land a living wage career.”

United Way’s Bridge to Finish program helps community college students complete their studies by connecting them with on-campus and virtual supports like emergency financial grants, behavioral health services, access to food and other benefits.  As federal rental assistance funds became available, United Way used existing Bridge to Finish infrastructure and developed new virtual tools to rapidly connect impacted students to up to 12 months of rental assistance and stabilize their housing.   Over the past year the program has served 6,000 students, connecting them to more than 27,000 supports. 

In his role as chair, Baldwin is being called on to help complete the third and final year of a Bridge to Finish $15 million fundraising campaign to sustain and expand the program.

“The needs are great right now for so many and it is critical to remember that this isn’t about numbers—we’re talking about people, about humans. Their skills and lived experiences are vitally needed in a society that is trying to solve the challenges we currently face and to mitigate challenges we will face in the future,” Baldwin said. “Everyone has a role to play in lifting each other up. We all should aim to treat our neighbors how we would want to be treated. And I am grateful for the chance to serve alongside United Way.”

We are excited to have Doug’s leadership guide us through a second year of fundraising and providing critical supports through the pandemic.  We know United Way and the community are in really good hands.  


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