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By United Way of King County, on March 7, 2017 | In News

We’ll be honest—we like being on TV. (Who doesn’t?) And we’re thrilled to share with you our top favorite press coverage from the past few months.

It’s not about glam for us though. It’s about getting our message out. Reaching new people throughout their day through new media outlets. Piquing more people’s interest and giving them tangible ways to plug in.

And guess what? Donors like you make our work possible. So without your support, there’d be no press room—no shareables, no videos, not much to tweet about. Thank you!

Our Top 4 Stories

  • Q-13 covered our big Breakfast Challenge kickoff with Seattle Sounders FC. Watch the clip from the evening news and see how fun breakfast can be! We’re working on getting kids the nutritious food they need to do their best in school and are glad to have you and other generous supporters on board.
  • King 5 profiled our Reconnecting Youth program in November. It hit on the customized mentorship and coaching for young people so they can get their GED. King 5 acknowledged Microsoft’s generous $1.5M contribution to the program over the past two years. A big thanks to Microsoft Senior Communications Manager of Public Affairs, Dan Sytman, who introduced our team to the King 5 reporter who did this Microsoft gift story.
  • Our Jobs Connect program was featured on KIRO and KOMO. In late November, KIRO reported on a newer Jobs Connect employer, Delaware Corporation, which employs people to work events at CenturyLink Field. KOMO profiled Jobs Connect in December on radio and evening news.
  • Our Parent-Child Home Program was front-page in the Seattle Times in December. Seattle Times Education Lab reporter Neal Morton had numerous conversations with our Director of Early Learning, Karen Howell-Clark, to understand the history and unique components of the program. He also shadowed home visitors to see how the program is implemented.

This all takes teamwork, both inside United Way’s doors and with our partners in the community. That’s you. Thanks for helping us get the word out. Bookmark our Press Room for all good news all the time.


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