How Young Professionals Can Take the Lead on Change

By United Way of King County, on September 6, 2018 | In Emerging Leaders 365, News

Marches. Votes. Voices. Collective energy is powerful. Collective philanthropy is too.

United Way Emerging Leaders know that. These young professionals in their 20s and 30s know that coming together around a cause is the best way to make real change happen.

The Deets on United Way’s Young Professionals Group

Emerging Leaders is a networking group for those who want to step forward. It’s a great way to take the lead among friends and co-workers in making change happen. Is that you? Is it your employees?

On top of that, we’re starting a new era of all this goodness with Emerging Leaders 365. In it, people can make a difference every day of the year. And get special perks for doing so.

Do more to spark change. Make a true impact with Emerging Leaders 365

Do you think about homelessness affecting more and more people? About equity issues low-income kids face in their education? About the cycle of poverty pulling down this generation and the next?

Emerging Leaders are 9,000-strong and take on community issues. They do so by volunteering after work and on weekends, joining and promoting cause-driven events, attending speaker panels with local business leaders, and more. They make connections.

How do Emerging Leaders lead change?

Check out what Emerging Leaders have done recently:

  1. Helped kids start school prepared to succeed.
  2. Talked social challenges with other young professionals at the Gates Foundation.
  3. Became true changemakers with people experiencing homelessness.

As you can see, they’re good peeps. And we know you are too. Join us and get ready to lead our great community to be even greater for everyone.


Will Emerging Leaders 365 be how you, your co-workers or your employees grow as a leader this year? Share Emerging Leaders 365 with your company and show your company’s commitment to helping our community grow to be a stronger, more equitable place for all.

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