Jan. 20, 2021: A Historic Day

By United Way of King County, on January 21, 2021 | In Statements from Leadership

January 20, 21 was a celebration of unity, as we welcome President Joe Biden, Jr., who was sworn in to the highest office in the land with a call for hope and away from the divisions that have torn us apart.

Many of us watched as President Biden delivered an inspiring vision of a brighter path to heal our wounds and turn the page to a new chapter. 

This January 20, we celebrate a historic day in America: the first woman, the first Black American, and the first South Asian American to be elected Vice President of the United States of America: Madam Vice President Kamala Harris! 

We congratulate Vice President Harris, a daughter of immigrants who has broken one of the many proverbial glass ceilings in our nation and who embodies the benefit of our country’s incredible diversity.

We have much work to do as a nation. The racial, health and economic crises that have caused so much suffering will not disappear. These challenges are not insurmountable but will require us to unite to find solutions. 

At United Way, we will continue to fight for social justice and against systemic and structural racism, which has caused so much pain for too long.

Stay safe, stay well and remain hopeful for a bright future. 

Gordon McHenry, Jr.
President & CEO, United Way of King County 

Carol K. Nelson
Board Chair, United Way of King County


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