Day of Caring Unites Time and Money

By United Way of King County, on September 30, 2016 | In Volunteering

Volunteers? We think they’re kind of a big deal. Especially when they join forces on a single day…and then send donations too.

That’s what happened on Day of Caring on Sept. 23. More than 13,000 volunteers sorted food at food banks, painted and cleaned up schools and shelters, and pulled a whole lotta weeds on Washington state’s biggest volunteer day. That’s 26,000 more helping hands than nonprofits normally have. Day of Caring has become a force to be reckoned with in our community. Don’t miss the full details of this high-impact day of service.

That’s not all, guys. This year, for every hour of work recorded by volunteers on our website, $23 was donated to United Way. $23 per hour is a pretty rockin rate, especially when it’s for great work!

Over 2,000 volunteers have logged over 9,000 hours from their Day of Caring deeds. With that matching moolah, that means volunteers have sent $200,000 in donations to United Way! Wahoo!

Power of the Match

Did we mention how unstoppable people are when they come together? When they Live United? (See what I did there?)

That group determination is a wonder to watch. Not only did these volunteers give up their Friday to help others, but they went a step further to share the good they did via the donation. Match money comes from our generous Day of Caring sponsors (THANK YOU!)—companies and foundations right here in King County who care about our community.

Cheers to all volunteers, agency partners and sponsors who made this Day of Caring 2016 a record-breaker. We won’t forget it. And you bet your donated dollar we’ll try to top it next year.

Head over to Facebook for photos of the amazing work in our Day of Caring album!


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