You Made Day of Caring GREAT

By United Way of King County, on September 18, 2015 | In Volunteering

We love Day of Caring volunteers. This year 12,000+ of them worked with enthusiasm to make this day great. Thank you to all volunteers!

Day of Caring kicked off with a free happy hour on Sept. 15. What’s better than that? About 600 people having free happy hour with Seahawk guest Russell Wilson, that’s what. #thatjusthappened.

Russell Wilson introduced United Way’s new Fuel Your Future Campaign to feed hungry kids. Then he cheered on volunteers and the loads of help they’re giving nonprofits by participating in the Sept. 18 Day of Caring.

Day of Caring is largest most awesomely gargantuan volunteer day in Washington for a reason…or a few reasons:

  • 12,000+ volunteers
  • 121 companies with volunteer teams
  • 500 projects completed in 59,000 combined hours
  • $1.6 MILLION in volunteer work

See these numbers in action in the Facebook gallery.

Shoutouts to these great partners:

  • Microsoft for sending 6,000 volunteers and being a top event sponsor. Wow!
  • Nordstrom for completing 10 projects, one with 200 volunteers and another with 120.
  • Expedia for its 1,500 volunteers doing local projects during Expedia’s Sept. 11 Global Day of Service.
  • AT&T for its top sponsorship PLUS completing 12 big projects all over the county.

Good stuff! This day goes beyond the fun, the team-building, the warm-fuzzy-feel-goodie sense of accomplishment. It also supports United Way’s partner agencies—because volunteers check off the tasks that agencies don’t have time, manpower or other resources to get done. Ultimately, by supporting the community in this way, Day of Caring volunteers and all area volunteers are ensuring people have homes, students graduate and families are financially stable. And that’s what it’s all about.

We have a volunteer spot for you. Search by ZIP, interest and more and join the volunteer movement today.


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