Microsoft Giving Scores Big for Hometown Huddle

By United Way of King County, on October 25, 2016 | In Volunteering

It’s a win-win.

When Gautam, a Microsoft employee, found out it was possible to win a volunteer spot in the 2016 Hometown Huddle via the company’s United Way auction, bidding was a no-brainer.

What’s the Hometown Huddle? It’s a nationwide event that pairs NFL teams with United Way to sponsor physical activity for kids, plus education about fitness and nutrition. And players are always on hand to inspire. Giving back to the community and meeting Seattle Seahawks? Gautam, the lucky bidder, was in.

He ready knew how childhood success sets one up for success in the future, so this year’s Huddle at the South West Boys and Girls Club was a great chance to help youngsters. “I didn’t face a lot of adversity growing up, I got a good education. Whatever I reach now it’s because of what happened to me in childhood,” he said. He pointed out that there are a lot of inequalities in the world before he added, “Okay, this is philosophical, but we have limited time in this world, and if I can give back…why not?”

Photo of Microsoft volunteers assembling equipment rack at Hometown Huddle
Gautam, left, and Yuva, setting up before the kids arrive

Gautam brought his friend Yuva to the big day, where they helped assemble equipment racks for the White Center Sea Hawks football team before the kids arrived.

“Sports are a big passion of mine,” Gautam said. “I come from India and in India, sports is not considered a viable occupation.” A soccer lover sidelined by an ACL tear, he’s now a cycling enthusiast and wants to encourage kids to be active and look at sports as a possible career option.

The kids were surprised with new equipment from the Seahawk rookie squad, plus plenty of time to play basketball and educational games with the team. And Gautam, Seahawks fan with a love of sports and giving back, scored some time with the players.

Goes to show, no matter your passion, there’s a way to support it with United Way.


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