With Volunteers, More Is Always Better

By United Way of King County, on December 9, 2016 | In Volunteering

You: I want my donation to do good for others!

Us: How about your donation will bring in loads more people to do good for even more others?

You: Deal!

That, my friend, what our new volunteer tool is doing right now. It’s so easy to use, plus it’s mobile-friendly and social media-friendly. And you know people are always on social media on their phones, so we’re bringing them on in. Our tool is connecting more people to great ways to give back and help people in need. Because of you!

See our new volunteer tool for yourself >>

Our volunteer site makes 30,000 volunteer-to-volunteer-opportunity connections every year. But the old tool was, well, old. “Clunky” in official website tool terms.

The new tool gives volunteers personalized opportunities based on their location, time availability and passion. It also makes it easier for our grantees and nonprofit pals to plan and track projects and recruit volunteers. Saving time, boosting efficiency and productivity? We’re all over it.

In sum, your donation helped us create a new tool that unites more people with their community. We can’t wait to see the power of volunteer in our upcoming volunteer events and beyond.


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