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Your Role in Getting 3,000 People Hired

In Seattle, you might think that all available jobs get filled up. NOT TRUE! Jobs in our area go unfilled everyday. That's where Jobs Connect comes in and helps those experiencing homelessness CONNECT to jobs. Check it out! Read Article

From Homelessness to Housing and Hope: Ariel’s Story

When Ariel first experienced homelessness last winter, she lost more than a roof over her head. She lost something valuable and irreplaceable. She feared she would never get it back. “Hope. I needed hope badly because I was getting really depressed because it’s very scary being homeless.” Read Article

Homeless Veteran Gets His Smile Back

The Community Resources Exchange connected more than one thousand clients to essential resources all under one roof. Bill, an Army Ranger with US Special Forces in Desert Storm, was able to get a haircut, new shoes, and much needed dental work. Read Article

Employers see the benefits of putting Seattle’s homeless to work

Downtown Seattle’s Metropolitan Improvement District has never given a second thought to bestowing the dignified title of ambassador to Seattle’s homeless, making the employer an ideal partner to launch United Way of King County’s Jobs Connect program. The first wave of Jobs Connect participants are performing four-week temporary stints as street maintenance ambassadors for the MID. Wearing orange vests and clutching brooms and dust pans, the workers are teamed with full-time MID ambassadors, some of whom can relate personally, having once been homeless themselves. Read Article