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By United Way of King County, on June 7, 2023 | In Emerging Leaders 365, Events

Congratulations to Carolyn D. Dunne, United Way of King County’s most recent winner of two round-trip flight vouchers on Alaska Airlines! Dunne won the vouchers at a recent Happy Hour & Hellos event at the new Hub at Alaska Airlines in SeaTac.

Happy Hour & Hellos events invite attendees to donate and become part of United Way’s giving communities, a collective of donors aimed at fighting homelessness, helping students graduate, and breaking the cycle of poverty in Seattle and throughout King County.

United Way caught up with Carolyn to find out, among other things, why she decided to give and where she’s headed with those free vouchers.

This blog post was written by Taylor Roberson, United Way of King County marketing program manager.

United Way of King County: What brought you to the Happy Hour & Hellos event?

Carolyn D. Dunne: It’s been a while since I supported a United Way event outside of recommending it to others. I saw that this was happening in an area I’d never visited and I was looking forward to checking out the new Alaska Airlines space.

United Way of King County: What inspired you to donate?

Carolyn D. Dunne: I’ve always wanted to join Emerging Leaders 365 but I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to fully commit to the volunteering opportunities the organization offers, so I held off until it felt like I could also give my time. I’m really looking forward to increasing my volunteerism this summer!

United Way of King County: Tell us about a local issue that you are particularly passionate about supporting?

Carolyn D. Dunne: I think providing adequate resources to help youth in our community gain independence and knowledge is a game changer.Services like Seattle Metro moving to free bus passes for youth, organizations like Treehouse helping cover the costs associated with obtaining a driver’s license, and Lambert House providing opportunities for their clients to obtain job skills are just a few examples.

Carolyn D. Dunne (continued): So many other organizations like them are doing the work to not only help young people get basic needs met but begin to thrive and find their path on a fulfilled life. Seattle is the largest city I’ve encountered that has the amount of support for people of all ages outside of meeting basic needs, and I really think that’s what makes us all want to give back more.

United Way of King County: Where are you planning to travel with your flight vouchers?

Carolyn D. Dunne: I’m planning on brushing up my Spanish and going to Belize later this year! I’ve heard that the food is incredible, there’s so much to do and they’ve really committed to increasing eco-tourism to help preserve the environment.


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