GED Support With Reconnecting Youth

By United Way of King County, on May 9, 2017 | In Helping Students Graduate, Success Stories

“They told me I made it to high school for about 80 days.” The above video conversation with Lee says it all.

That’s what Lee shared about his high school experience. That’s what was key in his dropping out and then becoming homeless. He needed GED support and a path to reach his goals.

Where’d he find it? In United Way’s Reconnecting Youth program, which works with Kent School District’s iGrad program, community colleges and other organizations to help youth get on track with their education and on track for future success.

Reconnecting Youth is unique to our local community. AKA no one else supports their youth like we and our partners do. Is it scary to build a program like this from the ground up? Yes. Is it worth it to create the blueprints for GED support and youth success? Yes again.

Today in King County there are 14,000 young people between the ages of 16 and 24 with no high school credentials and no viable job prospects. Plus an additional subset who are also homeless like Lee. We know that we can help these young people in their to journey to adulthood. In fact, if we don’t help, our entire community misses out.

What’s Your Role?

Think back on your teen years. Were you basically on your own like Lee was? Or did you have someone who guided you through really tough times?

GED support, at-risk youth support, full-on group-hug community support. That’s what the All-Star Softball Classic success was all about.


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