All-Star Softball: At-Risk Youth Win!

By United Way of King County, on June 13, 2017 | In Helping Students Graduate, News

Where else can you see Dan Wilson, Gary Payton, Bobby Wagner, Ben Gibbard and Macklemore all together, all mid-shenanigan, and all to help at-risk youth move off the streets?

United Way’s All-Star Softball Classic—that’s where. And it was a rockin’ success.

Fans were excited to help young people before the game even started. Seahawk Ricardo Lockette spoke with United Way’s leadership givers and United Way Campaign Chair and PSE CEO Kimberly Harris shared a moment of gratitude with VIPs before the game. A group of new donors to United Way got an on-field photo opp with Macklemore. #iStandForYouth had 10+ million impressions all over social media.

So your support not only makes a huge impact on issues like youth homelessness. It also spreads a message of unity and enthusiasm among others who want to join in supporting our community.

2017 All-Star Softball Impact


Dollars Raised


Youth Partners


People Cheered

Will This Help At-Risk Youth Long-Term?

You bet. The previous four All-Star Softball Classic events raised $4+ million. And it’s certainly not about quick fixes. It’s about getting youth out of homelessness and giving them the tools they need to build stable lives. The $4+ million has done this:

  • Helped 4,100 youth get their education back on track after dropping out.
  • Brought youth into shelters from the streets for 17,105 nights.
  • Prevented 400 youth from becoming homeless.
  • Trained 626 youth with job skills and internships to stay on stable ground.

So cheers to what the money raised from this year’s event will add!

Those dollars raised make United Way’s partners’ work possible too, like the YMCA’s Host Homes. This is crucial. Because with a plan to support youth that spans across the many organizations working on this issue, we can and will get youth like Angel the support and tools to get off the streets and build a successful future.

Go Past The Numbers

The success can be measured in numbers and percentages. But it all points to this:

Because of your support of United Way, more youth are not sleeping under bridges. More youth don’t have to do their homework while watching for predators in their periphery. More youth are back inside and back on track for a future that’s healthy, stable and safe.

Together, we’re building a community where people have homes, students graduate and families are financially stable. That together means you.


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