Your Role in Getting 3,000 People Hired

In Seattle, you might think that all available jobs get filled up. NOT TRUE! Jobs in our area go unfilled everyday. That's where Jobs Connect comes in and helps those experiencing homelessness CONNECT to jobs. Check it out! Read Article

PSBJ Celebrates With Volunteerism

Forget a retirement party, what about a volunteer project? When Steve Wilhelm announced his retirement after 28 years with the Puget Sound Business Journal, a party was the furthest thing from his mind. Instead, he found a perfect way to use his skills to give back. Enter Seattle World School. There, 300 students from 6th to 12th grade, newly arrived from other countries, hone their English skills for a new life in the United States. Once they're up to speed they’re placed at schools within their home district. Students are from Ecuador, Vietnam, China, Ethiopia. Some have been in the country for months, some just a week or two. Read Article

From Homelessness to Housing and Hope: Ariel’s Story

When Ariel first experienced homelessness last winter, she lost more than a roof over her head. She lost something valuable and irreplaceable. She feared she would never get it back. “Hope. I needed hope badly because I was getting really depressed because it’s very scary being homeless.” Read Article

The Sounders are #iStandForYouth MVPs

Last Sunday’s All-Star Softball Classic brought five current and former Seattle Sounders out to Safeco Field to play for charity. Zach Scott, Ozzie Alonso and team caption Brad Evans were joined by former players Roger Levesque and Taylor Graham. Read Article

Emerging Leaders Make Birthday Dreams Come True

When we think about issues like homelessness and poverty, many of us think about the essential needs – food, shelter and a steady job. And these are incredibly important building blocks toward a stable lifestyle. But homeless children and parents alike also need moments of levity and reminders that they are valued and cared for. Birthday Dreams is a great example of the many organizations in our community who are not only freeing up resources for families in need so they can build better lives, but also inspiring hope. Read Article

Mariners Reunite At All-Star Softball

Everyone loves to see Seattle sports greats giving back to our community. At the All-Star Softball Classic, supporting youth and their educational success was the game plan, and the Mariners stepped up to the plate. Find out which M's alums spent the day back at Safeco. Read Article