1,300 More Kids Now Ready For Kindergarten

By United Way of King County, on February 20, 2018 | In Helping Students Graduate, News

United Way is getting kids ready for kindergarten and fighting inequity. How? By growing our Parent-Child Home Program to reach 1,300 families in King County this year—a 30% increase!

The Parent-Child Home Program zeroes in on the opportunity gap by supporting parents during the crucial years of children’s development… and it’s working. Thanks to you, and all of our generous donors, we’re now able to reach even more kids and families to prepare them to start kindergarten ready to succeed. We have all sorts of numbers and figures to prove this program’s impact, but this says it all:

Kids in the program are 30 percentage points more likely to graduate than their peers.

30% more likely to graduate and now reaching 30% more kids in King County—that’s a coincidence we’re happy to see!

We’re obviously not alone in thinking that these results are staggering. An incredible $2 million was raised by our donors, in addition to being able to leverage $4 million more from our City and County.

This not only shows public confidence in this early learning strategy, it also allows us to reach another 300 kids and communities currently underserved or not served by the program including:

  • West African immigrants and refugees
  • Congolese refugees
  • Iraqi immigrants and refugees
  • African American and Native American families
  • Families involved with the child welfare system

When you give to United Way of King County you’re supporting successful, impactful programs like the Parent-Child Home Program. We make the smartest investments possible with your money, and this is just one example of how we’re able to leverage our large organization and well-respected track record to do even more.

Interested in learning about how we’re getting kids ready for kindergarten and closing the opportunity gap with the Parent-Child Home Program? Check out this deep dive on the program or read about Daniel and Dora’s first-hand experience.


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