Nordstrom Leads the Way With Emerging Leaders

By United Way of King County, on July 12, 2019 | In Emerging Leaders 365, News

We are thrilled to highlight Nordstrom as this quarter’s Emerging Leader sponsor!

In addition to supporting United Way’s Bridge to Finish program—the work that helps low-income students get the services they need to stay in school and complete their education—the team at Nordstrom is helping empower our Emerging Leaders to give back to their community through group volunteering projects, networking events and fundraisers.

You probably saw Nordstrom in action at the Happy Hour & Hellos networking event they hosted in May. Emerging Leaders were treated to a special experience in the company’s downtown store, complete with fun cocktails, a DJ, and of course some time to shop. The group heard from Marité, a student who shared her story about the success she’s found through the Reconnecting Youth program to get back on track with her education and career. It was an evening for making connections and making an impact.

Expect more engaging programming like that, including a different (and bigger) spin on the Seattle Chef’s Table dinner experience coming up in August at Frēlard Pizza Company.

Thanks to the Nordstrom sponsorship of Emerging Leaders’ efforts to address key community issues, all of the funds raised at that event will go to fighting homelessness. [Shameless plug: If you’re not a member of Emerging Leaders 365 yet, now is a great chance because that group will get early access to get tickets!]

Through the support of our corporate partners, we will also have a number of upcoming Emerging Leaders volunteer projects! This will include events like helping prepare for the Family Resource Exchange; setting up a fun event in south Seattle for families to get general health and wellness tips, while connecting with community resources; and gathering 100 volunteers to lend a hand at Redeeming Soles to clean footwear for people experiencing homelessness for Emerging Leaders Day of Caring.

Nordstrom has been one of United Way of King County’s most trusted and valued partners for many years. Enthusiastic employees have always come out to volunteer during Day of Caring in September—the largest volunteer event in the state. They have also been instrumental in helping to expand the reach of Reconnecting Youth—the program that supports young people with completing their education and achieving viable career paths. Individual employees maximize Nordstrom’s employee match benefits and generously donate to support United Way each year, helping us build a community where people have homes, students graduate and families are financially stable. Want to get your company in front of a group of 9,500+ young professionals? Check Emerging Leaders program sponsorship options.


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