Our 5 Top Moments of 2017

By United Way of King County, on January 29, 2018 | In News

Well 2017 was quite a year. That might be an understatement. It had some soaring highs and some incredibly low lows. And while our 2018 resolutions have strategically been in place for a few years, we think it’s important to take time for our top moments of 2017. Let’s celebrate some of the things our community accomplished—together.

[mk_dropcaps style=”simple-style”]5. [/mk_dropcaps] Despite being on the chopping block from the first round of federal budget cuts, we had 100+ AmeriCorps volunteers serving our local community. In King County these corps members supported 200+ nonprofit and government agencies. They worked with food-insecure kids and families, people experiencing homelessness, low-income adults seeking employment, and much, much more. AmeriCorps is a federal program that we’re proud to support so strongly in our region.

[mk_dropcaps style=”simple-style”]4. [/mk_dropcaps] Worked to be a welcoming and good neighbor. Immigrant and refugee communities have had a heck of a lot come at them this year. And because of our generous donors, we were able to fund 54 organizations who specifically help this population. We were reminded of just how vital these investments are this year. Just one example is our investment in Northwest Immigrant Rights Project. With United Way funding, they’re able to provide attorneys to represent immigrant kids to help them gain legal status. Without this funding, kids like Maikol and Ronald would be left to represent themselves.

[mk_dropcaps style=”simple-style”]3. [/mk_dropcaps] People were looking to DO SOMETHING this year, particularly young people who were outraged by what was happening to their human rights. So we mobilized hundreds of Emerging Leaders and got to work.

[mk_dropcaps style=”simple-style”]2. [/mk_dropcaps] Among an unbelievable homelessness crisis, there’s a bright spot in our fight to end it as we’ve moved 821 people out of homelessness through our Streets to Home program this year. Research shows that the faster we’re able to move someone out of homelessness, the less likely they are to become homeless again. This is exactly what Streets to Home prioritizes so people like Aeshia and her son Jermaine find—and stay—in stable housing.

[mk_dropcaps style=”simple-style”]1. [/mk_dropcaps] Prioritizing women. There’s something you don’t read every day. United Way, and our partners, are supporting strong women like Susie and Riley so that they can take back control of their lives and focus on their futures.

Top moments of 2017, we salute you. And we want more this year.

Thank you for sharing our top moments of 2017. To the remaining months of 2018, we say this: We’re coming for you. After our first volunteer event of the year—MLK Day—being a huge  success, we plan on doing even more this year with renewed energy to protect and celebrate all of our neighbors, no matter what label they wear.

Check out our New Year’s wishes. Will you join us? It’s easy to plug in as a volunteer right where you live.


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