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Do you want to work together to build a community where people have homes, students graduate and families are financially stable? Then you are in the right place my friend, because that is EXACTLY what we are all about at United Way. Help us inspire people to do the same! Here’s every thing you need.

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How do you get your friends on board with something you’re passionate about, like helping your community? This 1-minute video breaks it down.

1 minute breakdown of all you need to know!

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You’re social—so are we! Tweet and post the below to inspire others to get involved in our community.

I support @UnitedWayKC because it’s one of the easiest ways to do good in the community. You can join me:
Check out this post about why giving to United Way is awesome.
Even better, share this post with friends to get the giving going!

Taking a quiz and sharing your results? Yes please. Trivia at your party? Sounds excellent. Check out the kids education quiz, pass the GED quiz and homelessness quiz. It’s an easy way to learn about community issues you and your friends are solving with your donations.

Get Em to Give

Let’s get to the point! Ask your friends to make a donation here to help people in need. What does your $ do? See it and believe the goodness you and your friends are creating.

Take your passion to the party level. Ask your favorite brewery to donate $1 per pint to United Way on a date you and your friends choose for group dinner or pub crawl. Or make United Way part of your holiday or weekend event on a small scale (United Way pens on the table) or large scale (asking your friends to donate or sharing United Way’s work). Become well-versed in the great work you’re supporting:
Giving kids an equal chance
Supporting youth
Building financial stability
Ending homelessness

Use our logos to make your own images for social, drink cozies, selfie props and straw flags. Or throw it up as your profile pic—we won’t argue with that.