Networking done right

By United Way of King County, on August 5, 2015 | In Emerging Leaders 365, Events

Danial Nash, an Emerging Leader at United Way
Danial Nash

Guest blogger Daniel Nash is a volunteer on the Emerging Leader Marketing Committee for United Way. In his day job, Daniel provides financial guidance and planning to individuals and families of the greater Seattle area. Check out the latest Emerging Leader event he attended that had lots of networking, breathtaking views, sun and inspiration.

Last night, a vibrant and diverse group of young professionals congregated on the rooftop of Russell Investments, eager to network and united in their support of the United Way of King County at the Happy Hour with View event. A grandiose backdrop—Rainier standing stoic on the horizon accompanied by scintillating Sound views—along with tasty bites and beverage of choice fueled the networking.

Amidst the mingling, host Sandy Cavanaugh of Russell Investments and a United Way board member, took pause to share a few words. She expressed warm gratitude for Emerging Leaders’ involvement with United Way. She talked about their work to aid some 15,000 Seattleites, age 16-21, who are not connected to school or a job through their work to support youth. She encouraged each of us to continue our efforts to marry professional aspirations with philanthropic action. She spoke about how each one of these young people is in need of our community’s support and resources. Settling gently in the back of our minds was the gravity of the need and the work that United Way and its Emerging Leaders strive to accomplish.

(Resume networking.)

The evening carried forth in fine fashion, a dynamic blend of overlapping interests in business, culture, and the genuine desire to give back to Seattle. We grow in number every day and welcome your interest and participation in networking, giving the gift of your time, and joining our great team! Sign up below with Emerging Leaders—open to anyone in their 20s or 30s.


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