Seahawks give it their all at the All-Star Softball Classic

By United Way of King County, on May 24, 2016 | In Helping Students Graduate, News

Last Sunday you’d have thought the Seahawks took a wrong turn—into neighboring Safeco Field.  Several from the team suited up in All-Star Softball Classic garb and went to bat for youth.

Jermaine Kearse, Cooper Helfet and Jon Ryan were joined by former Hawks Marcus Trufant and Lawyer Milloy for a not-the-norm matchup with other local celebs.

Despite some pre-game down talk from Helfet and Kearse (“It might be kind of ugly” and “My golf swing just doesn’t translate,” respectively), both more than held their own. Helfet started the top of the first inning with a home run and Kearse made up for some pop fly outs with his impressive outfield work.

All of the players made it a fun fan experience – they signed autographs throughout the game and posed for countless selfies. Ryan and Kearse made it a family affair—Ryan recruited his fiancé Sarah Colonna to play in the game and Kearse was joined on the field by his brother Jamaal. Meanwhile, Milloy fully enjoyed the antics of the game.

All of the fun was to support youth who are struggling. Money raised goes to help kids, who have been in and out of homelessness or haven’t yet graduated, get back on track.

Kearse put 5 autographed jerseys up for grabs—and all sold right away. The jerseys came with photos on the field with Jermaine—he was making people’s day left and right.


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