Hat’s off to you!

By United Way of King County, on June 21, 2016 | In News

We want to thank all of our amazing colleagues for training thousands of people in our community to be better, more engaged nonprofit board members. For more than 20 years United Way has provided training for those who lead the boards of our community’s incredibly important nonprofit organizations.  These colleagues have shared their tremendous expertise, on a pro-bono basis, strengthening hundreds of nonprofit boards through more than 300 workshops, and we are so grateful.

Hats off to: Amanda Madorno, Susan Howlett, Chris Davenport, Erin Welch, Howard Donkin, Peter Drury, Erica Mills, Beth McCaw, Julie Kerby, , Sharon Lucas, Cory Sbarbaro, Laura Pierce, Angela Powell, Jill Sheldon, Ruby Love, Adrienne Caver Hall, Janet Boguch, Jeanne Anderson, Richard Humphreys, Sharron O’Donnell, Mary Dickinson, Nancy Duncan, Jan Glick, Lisa Fitzhugh, Ted Lord, Patrice Lewis,  Daniel Lieberman, Scott Schaffer, Susie Burdick, Michelle Gislason, Jean Singer, Donald Summers, Karl Leggett and Mike Hatzenbeler. And our apologies for a few we may have missed due to missing records from many years ago.

At United Way, we are focusing all our resources on our new strategic plan to create a community where people have homes, students graduate and families are financially stable. In order to accomplish our bold goals we will no longer offer our regular series of board and leadership trainings. We remain committed to several other services related to nonprofit boards: we will continue to offer our annual Project LEAD program training people of color to be top notch board members, we will soon be greatly improving our platform for connecting people to nonprofit board and other volunteer opportunities, and we will occasionally gather grantee organization leaders around topics of interest to you.

We are thrilled that our trainings have garnered such an excellent reputation and that we continually receive such praise for their value in educating our community’s board members and senior leaders. We have very much enjoyed providing these workshops over the years. And we couldn’t have done it without these amazing colleagues who gave of their time, many doing so year after year after year.

We look forward to continuing to strengthen nonprofits by recruiting passionate volunteers and helping ensure strong volunteer experiences.


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