$112 Million?! That does a lot of good.

By United Way of King County, on July 28, 2015 | In News

We just closed the books on the financials for the year and are giddy about the $112M raised for the community, including $35M directly to United Way. Thanks to thousands of donors, we’re investing those millions so that people have homes, students graduate and families are financially stable.

We’re thankful for everyone that gave this year. From the one-time gift at our Softball Classic for Youth to the ongoing corporate support from the likes of Microsoft and The Boeing Company, we couldn’t do all the good without you.

‘What good?’ you ask. All this:

1,000 preschoolers are ready to take on the world. Because of you, parents have the tools they need to help their kids be successful.

More youth on track to graduate. With your support, we’ve helped young people who had stopped short of getting a diploma, finish their education and get on track for a successful career.

Low-income families become financially stable. Through the Free Tax Prep campaign, we helped families keep more of what they earn.

13,750 people get out of the rain and into safe shelter. You gave people the support they need to move up and out of homelessness.

Thanks for all you do to make King County a better place to live!

Now if you want to get into the nitty gritty of the financial report from our fundraising accomplishments, check out the press release.


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