Standing for Youth Four Years Running

By United Way of King County, on April 11, 2016 | In Helping Students Graduate

You know Bender from KISS FM, but he’s also a huge supporter of the All-Star Softball Classic. We chatted with him in preparation for the big game on May 22.

You’ve participated all four years. What’s the big reason you come back year after year?
It’s all about the community.  My community.  How can you not lend your time and effort to a cause where kids are front and center?  Being able to use whatever influence we all have to garner as much awareness to help at-risk youth is the least we can do.

Your team won the first two years, but last year saw the end of your streak. Any strategies for returning to glory?
Seeing as how my strength is clearly talking on the radio and not playing softball, I will continue to follow Dan’s lead.  Unless I get traded.  Then it’s all about The Bone!

Co-host Molly is also playing. Any words of warning?
Hmm… Just don’t embarrass the show (wink).

As a parent, what does it mean to play in this game?
It means everything.  Some of us have found ourselves (and our kids) in fortunate situations.  The at-risk youth in our very own community sometimes don’t find themselves with the luxury of a support system.  The United Way IS that support system and I love the fact that we can help out!


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